It's more than money - it's gifted!


For the ones you they'll love!

At Money Kissed, we celebrate the magic of giving. We hope that anyone receiving a Money Kissed gift will feel touched by good fortune and treasured by you. All our gifts are handcrafted using £50, £20, £10 and £5 banknotes and because they are only folded, origami-style, they can be unfolded and used as normal! We add value to each gift by presenting money in such a unique and fun way. Each gift comes in a Luxury Gift Box with a Personalised Greeting, making Money Kissed gifts the most thoughtful and personal way of gifting money! 


We use REAL MONEY which means this gift really does just keeps on giving!

We celebrate the charm of our UK Banknotes with their iconic imagery, colours and typography but, also the positive associations of Joy, Abundance and Prosperity the act of giving and receiving money evokes. We celebrate and welcome these qualities by presenting money in such a unique and stylish way, that it is so much fun to give...and of course, receive! We then present the banknotes in a Luxury Gift Box along with your Personalised Greeting. So a Money Kissed gift really is all about...Money with love xxx - that's gifted!


Treasure it or Spend it?

It's our aim that the bearer of a Money Kissed gift will feel touched by prosperity and treasured by you. They'll also get to enjoy the delicious dilemma of what to do with their money gift...Treasure it or Spend it?

If they choose to spend their newfound wealth, they simply need to ease the money out of the gift box and because all our money is only folded origami-style, carefully unfold the banknotes and then they'll be able to enjoy it...because it's real money with love - that's gifted!


Gifting Money has never been more thoughtful and personal or so much fun

Money Kissed Gifts steps to choosing your personalised gift